Program Manager

Warm welcome to all visitors in our home site. I would like to invite you to join our website for looking activities performed by our farmers, entrepreneurs and cooperatives. The KUBK-ISFP is a program funded by International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and executed by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD). It aims to promote the formal seed sector (cereals and vegetables) and livestock (goats and dairy) of smallholder farmers, entrepreneurs and cooperatives with institutional capacity enhancement of rural institutions. The program is being implemented since 2013 in two districts of Western Development Region and four districts of Mid Western Region. Namely Arghakhanchi, Gulmi, Rukum, Rolpa, Salyan and Puythan.
As seed and breed are two important technologies, plays major role in productivity enhancement of agriculture and livestock commercialization. Use of quality seed increases 20-25 % of production where as quality breed promotes livestock commercialization with competitive and sustainable productivity.In fourth year of implementation, program has achieved to reach about 50000 direct beneficiaries through different seed, breed and institutional enhancement activities. Contract agreement with more than 300 subprojects of seed and livestock programs of about NRs. 782 million with 50% grant subsidy is completed.Heifer, co-financer, implementing partner has been working to promote goat production activities in two districts and so far reached to more than 7000 families. Thirty Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperatives Limited (SFACL) has been established and capacitated to increase outreach of microfinance and are now able to generate internal resources of NRs. 77 millions.AEC has been taking role of agribusiness promotion activities with market linkages. Upstream producers being linked through its support with downstream traders and markets for sustainable marketing of produce.
DADO/DLSOs are implementing agriculture and livestock extension activities along the beneficiaries of project areas. NARC is supporting in breeder and foundation seed production programs as per the project area demand. RSTLs are supporting in lab facilities to the producers and traders with field certification activities. RDs have been given role of monitoring and coordination along the value chain actors of the regions in seed and breed promotional activities.
So this, the multidisciplinary team of KUBK is being implementing by joint effort of PMO-KUBK, NARC, RD/RLD, RSTLs, DADO/DLSO, Heifer International, Agro-enterprise Center, SFDB, NACCFL and root level farmers, entrepreneurs and cooperatives working for quality seed and livestock production.
It is my pleasure to invite all stakeholders working for seed and breed promotion to share us their ideas and experiences to energize our work in coming days.




Name : Kaushal Kumar Poudel
Designation : Program Manager