Component 1: Support to Extension of the Formal Seed Sector

This component aims to address the low seed replacement rates and poor quality seeds for
vegetables and the cereals in the hills zone by promoting the „Truthfully Labelled‟ and good
quality seed production through the formal sector development and supports. The major output
indicators of this component are:
 Strengthened NARC and SQCCs able to produce required foundation seed and perform
adequate seed quality control functions, respectively
 Truthfully labeled seed production , formal marketing and distribution system to meet
GON recommended SRRs
 At least 7,000 farmers participate in at least 700 seed producer groups
 At least 5 seed companies establish cereal and/or vegetable seed purchasing operations
in the target area
 At least 25,000 farmers participate in more than 1,000 seed demonstrations for improved
 At least 240,000 ha sown with TL seed for cereals

Component 2: Smallholder Livestock Development:

The second component of the programme aims to address the livestock development with
particular focus on goat, buffalo raisal for diary and goat marketing purposes through breed and
productivity improvement, nutrition and management, veterinary service development, farmer
training and market linkage. The major output indicators of this components are :
 At least 550 dairy and goat new and existing groups supported by the programme
 At least 80 % of the participating HHs have improved animals through breed improvement
 At least 60 % of dairy group HHs produce forage
 At least 50 % dairy and goat HHs use stall-feeding
 At least 80 % of animals in dairy HHs covered by routine vaccination against HS, BQ and
 At least 15 local livestock collection centres/markets and 25 milk chilling centers
established and functioning
 60 % of dairy groups and 25 % of goats groups

Component 3: Local Entrepreneurship and Institutional Development

The third component of the program aims to promote the favorable and conducive environment
for the private sector enterprise development through institutional strengthening, provision of
financial and non financial services to beneficiaries, increasing outreach of microfinance
institutions and capacity building at different levels. The major output indicators of this
components are :
 Strengthening of participating local institutions through training: (a) participating VDCs -
80 %; (b) participating Production groups and Cooperatives – 70% ; (c) participating
Agrovets – 80%.
 At least 50 % of groups formed/strengthened with women in leadership position [RIMS]

At least 80 % of members of new SFACLs and bank branches access production loans
 At least 5 multi-stakeholder platforms functioning in the programme area.